Dynamic Circle Hapkido

Orange with Black Stripe to Yellow Belt

This Module represents 3-6 months of martial arts training.

Remember- The Dynamic Circle Hapkido System is progressive. As we go from one level to the next, all the lessons are cumulative. In this module we add Back Stance.

Lesson 01


Learning how to fall is an important part of Dynamic Circle Hapkido and it’s an excellent life skill. In this module you will the basic standing forward roll, basic standing breakfall and the Samurai Walk.

Lesson 02


Dynamic Circle Hapkido has it’s origins  in Korean Martial Arts and as with most Korean styles there is an emphasis on dynamic, powerful kicking. In this module you will learn our style of Front Kick, Roundhouse kick and slide up Side Kick,Traditional Back Kick.

Lesson 03


In this lesson we will be learning the Backfist strike, the Inverted Knifehand attack, the Reverse Punch and the Front Punch as well as the Jab,Cross, Hook, Uppercut.

Lesson 04

Push Downround

I was living in Honolulu, teaching Taekwondo at the University of Hawaii. One of the Black Belts training with me asked me to join him in another class he was taking. I had seen the movie “Billy Jack”  so I was familiar with the Art of Hapkido and was looking forward to meeting Sung Ok Hong. After warmups one of his students pulled a tall bag out. The students made a line in front of the bag and rotated doing a dropping spinning heel kick, catching the bag low. In my years of training I had never seen a kick like that before and was excited for the opportunity to learn it and was the reason I signed up that day- The name of it was the Downround Kick and it was one of the signature techniques of this method of Hapkido. You will want to practice this frequently.

Lesson 05

One Steps

Frequently. One Step sparring is typically practiced with  a partner but can be effectively be practiced by visualizing a partner. It’s a great drill for practicing application of you basics on an opponent, along with timing and distance. These are the basic 5- For each promotion you will need to do 5. From here on out you will create them from the techniques you have learned.

Lesson 06


This is known in our art as Ho Shin Sool or self defense from grabs. Known for its painful joint manipulation. You will want to slap your thigh 2 times (Tap Out) at the onset of pain or discomfort.F

Remember, Dynamic Circle is a progressive art and to practice all the self defense that you learn.

Lesson 07

Takedowns & Throws

For each rank you will learn one throw and one takedown. (a throw you roll out of, a takedown you do a breakfall)