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Teaching and training in the martial arts for over 50 years, Grandmaster Dave Wheaton is a revered Instructor, Mentor and Coach to thousands of students across the country.  His unique approach to mind/body training empowers his students to discover excellence within themselves and tap into their greatest potential.

Grandmaster Wheaton developed Dynamic Circle Hapkido, a formidable system of self-defense that combines a variety of martial arts techniques with emphasis on flowing seamlessly from one movement to another. Focus is centered on integrating the flow of Ki (Chi) energy with the body so that the student, regardless of size or age, can instinctively respond with the appropriate measure of force required.

President and Founder of Hapkido International, Grandmaster Wheaton holds a 9th dan black belt in Hapkido, a 8th dan in Taekwondo and in 2001 was awarded the Golden Lifetime Achievement Award by the World Karate Union Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

Dave can usually be found at his award winning school, Martial Arts Family Fitness, teaching Hapkido and kickboxing or taking a kickboxing class to keep himself in shape.

In addition to being a Master martial artist, Dave is a quietly popular garage winemaker, amateur Paleo Chef and FAA Certified Gold Seal Flight Instructor. 

You can follow Grandmaster Wheaton’s words of wisdom on Twitter: @davewheaton